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Welcome to Got Heli RC

 Got Heli RC is dedicated to the hobby of RC rotor-craft.

Brand:  Laheli, Rotorshape Autogyro, Y-UFO, DJI Innovation, Tarot, FlySight, Gaui, Hitec, IFlight Motor/Esc custom brushless gimbal motors, Brushless Gimbal for Sony Nex.  Grauper, GemFan, APC propellers, HQProps.  FPV FatShark, Immersion and much more...

LA Y-UFO clearance sales!

NanoKopter 6 replacement frame armsY-UFO Rev-2 Base kit

GET 1 FREE 10x4" Vinyl decal when you place a order $75 or more.  Use coupon code:   FPVISNOTACRIME  upon checkout
FPV is NOT a Crime (White)

32-bit Simple BGC 3 axis all in one brushless controller IN STOCK!
32-bit Simple BGC 3 axis brushless controller
HQProp 5x3 Fiberglass Composite Colors Props!  In Stock!

HQProp Direct Drive Props
Customer flying video!
GoPro 2 axis HandHeld Gimbal Order now!
Feiyu Tech FY-G3 2 Axis GoPro3 Hand Held version
FatShark Attitude SD V2 and Predator V2 IN STOCK!
Fat Shark AttitudeSD Version 2 FPV Headset System w/5.8G TX
Elite Hollow Shaft (sealed) Gimbal Motors!  Click Here

Elite Brushless Gimbal Motors
FlySight Dual Diversity 7" 1024x600 LCD monitor for Phantom! Click here

HySight Black Pearl 7
WST Mini Carbon Fiber Quad Frame! Cick here
WST Mini Carbon Fiber Quad frame 240mm
FY-G3 Gimbal for Phantom In Stock CLICK HERE
Feiyu Tech FY-G3 2 Axis GoPro3 Gimbal

Saga Folding Quad and Hex, check it out!  Click here
Saga F800 Folding Hexacopter with CF landing gearSaga F500 Folding Quadcopter with landing gear

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MaxiR - Ricco - RotorShape - Sniper - YUFO Documentation

Parts Breakdown Diagrams
Heli, Y-UFO, AutoGyro & Electronics Manuals
FY-20A Install     FY-90Q Install
MaxiR 2007 Body
GAUI 200 V1   200 V2   255   330X-S
MaxiR Pre-2007 Body
GAUI 200 parts   GAUI 255 parts
MaxiR Head Parts
GU210    GU365-1    GU365-2
GU344    GE-010 ESC
MaxiR One-way Main Gear
LA500 autogyro
MaxiR Feathering Shaft
Maxir 08   MaxiR SE 08   MaxiR SE ECO 08
MaxiR Tail Assembly
MaxiR SE (Pre-2008)
MaxiR SE Body
MaxiR 2007    MaxiR (Pre-2007)
Sniper 1     Sniper II
Y-UFO    Y-UFO Electronics
YGE Setup    YGE 8S-12S    YGE Prog Card

MaxiR - Ricco - LA500 - RotorShape - Y UFO - GAUI 200 - 255 - 330X Videos

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